Fanman’s New Music Podcast- November 24th

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New music featuring Matt Nathanson, Broken Bells and Kodaline.


DJ Fanman’s New Music Podcast May 25th


Fanman’s New Music Podcast May 25th

This podcast featuring songs from Michael Franti and Spearhead, The Toadies and Wild Belle.  Plus Tech News about the Flickr photo service as well as Google All Access Music and I recommend an Android weather app.

Show notes:

Thomas Hawk’s “10 ways to get the most out of the new Flickr”

I Want My Vevo TV!!! Is this the new MTV?

I want my MTV.  A familiar refrain from days gone by.  Those who remember the glory days of MTV will recall just how exciting it was to “discover” new music on the network.  Then, the channel was overtaken by a tsunami of reality television.

Now, Vevo is looking to bring back live Music Television online.  It will start as one channel but may expand into much more.

There was also a lot of work necessary to ensure that the live stream worked on a bunch of devices that VEVO serves. Getting a live feed to a PC or web browser is one thing, but VEVO TV will also be available on all the mobile, tablet, and connected TV apps that the music video site serves. And when you’re thinking about what VEVO TV will look like on Microsoft’s XBox Live or Roku, it really is like having music television all over again.

I want my VEVO Music Television!!

VEVO Launches A Live Channel To Bring The Next Generation Of ‘Music Television’ Online | TechCrunch.

Scientists Uncover Invisible Motion in Video –

Scientists Uncover Invisible Motion in Video –

The team originally developed the program to monitor neonatal babies without making physical contact. But they quickly learned that the algorithm can be applied to other videos to reveal changes imperceptible to the naked eye. Prof. William T. Freeman, a leader on the team, imagines its use in search and rescue, so that rescuers could tell from a distance if someone trapped on a ledge, say, is still breathing.

The implications of this type of tech are huge…and this is only scratching the surface. Combine this with google goggles and imagine what you could do.